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Corolle Mealtime Set Tote

Designer: Corolle

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  • Encourages fine motor skills
  • Feeding supplies for 12, 14 & 17-inch dolls
  • Made for small hands
  • Includes spoon, feeding dish
  • Drink cup, play cookie, bib

Add mealtime scenarios during playtime with any Corolle 12, 14 & 17-inch dolls. Many wares are included that will transport children's imagination while playing including drinking cup, feeding plate for food and utensils. Perfectly compliments any 14-inch Mon Grand doll like the 12-inch Bebe Calin Unicorn - 100490 or 14-inch Mon Premier Adele - 130210 or 17-inch Lila Cherie - 150060.

These durable toys are safe for children to play with and promote fine motor skills during playtime. Not only does this Corolle Mealtime set bring out the nurturing side of children who play but teaches them to care and feed their Bebe 12-inch Corolle dolls. The basic motor skills that this mealtime set teaches children who play help them as they develop and grow.

Ever since 1979, Corolle's hard working fairies have created dolls with a hint of imagination, a dollop of happiness and a granular of love. Corolle uses this formula in all their products including clothing and accessories that fit age and stages of life. Their toys pledge to help children learn about life and the world they live in, tap into their imagination to explore creativity and help them to be as happy and healthy as possible.