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eatsleepdoodle Working Wheels Placemat to-go

Designer: eatsleepdoodle

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Working Wheels Placemat to-go

Fun color-in cotton placemat filled with iconic vehicles, from sports cars to digger trucks, buses, tractors, and emergency service vehicles; kids can have great fun learning the history of the wheel and the history of cars. There's even space to design and draw your own vehicle on the reverse!

A set of 10 wash-out felt tip markers are included and all the ink disappears after a warm machine wash leaving the placemat ready for endless car discovery!

Complete in its own mini tote bag, the cotton canvas placemat is ideal for keeping kids entertained at the table, whether at home or when eating out and is great to use on day trips, whilst visiting family or when traveling.

Product size: 18in x 30in

Fabric: 100% cotton.

Care: wash warm/40°, dry naturally.