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Lele Sadoughi Jet Pearl Bandana Scarf Mask

Designer: Lele Sadoughi

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Lele Sadoughi

This cotton sateen Bandana Scarf Mask is one of our personal favorites! It is hand embellished with heat stamp pearls. Made from a 22" by 22" square featuring hidden elastic ear straps, this scarf can double as a mask and as a fashionable scarf tied around the neck.

-To wear as a mask, fold into a double layer triangle and tie as a bandana around your neck, pull up to cover your nose and mouth and secure in place with the elastic ear straps.

-The straps easily tuck away when wearing as a scarf tied around the neck.

Care: Machine wash on cold and dry.

Measures 22” x 22"

One size.

*Please note, these scarves are not substitutes for medical-grade personal protective equipment. All masks are final sale.