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Minikane Olive Trees Cotton Bassinet for Dolls

Designer: Minikane

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This adorable baby doll bassinet in a cheery floral print is perfect for carrying around your little Minikane and other baby dolls. Whether it’s time for nap, or a quick trip to the living room your little ones will love this adorable little baby doll bassinet. This baby doll Moses basket and doll carrier is certain to be a favorite and be used day in and day out for mini adventures.

  • Practical Life Skills
  • Pretend Play
  • Fits both 13" Minikane Dolls & 15" Miniland Dolls
  • Made in France

Minikane is a French-based brand known for it’s widely loved dolls and accessories. They offer a uniquely wide selection of accessories to personalize your doll and your child's experience. These high quality dolls are beautifully made in Spain and Europe and are collected around the world.