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Debbie Katz Satina 18k Gold Plate Dangle Earrings

Designer: Debbie Katz

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Debbie Katz

The Mykonos jewelry showcases Debbie’s affinity for chunky statement pieces adorned with beautiful Cat’s Eye stones in the softest island colors. This handcrafted collection of gold-plated earrings is both stunning and unique, beautifully complementing the resort fashion collection.

Cat's Eye is a miraculous stone believed to ward off evil and negativity, acting as a talisman against unknown enemies and dangers. It's known for attracting unexpected wealth and prosperity while aiding in regaining lost wealth. Its healing properties enhance determination, willpower, intelligence, awareness, and knowledge, while also offering spiritual elevation. Cat's Eye amplifies good luck and positivity, dispelling negative energy and lifting the aura of the wearer.

18k Gold plated brass
Length: 2,4"/6 cm
Stones: Cat's Eye