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Ella Moss

Ella Moss is the luxuriously casual brainchild of Pamella Protzel-Scott. "People often want to know who Ella Moss is," Pamella says. The simple answer is that the name comes from a combination of her nickname (Ella) and the nickname of her co-creator, Moise Emquies (Moss). While Ella Moss may not be one specific person, Pamela explains that Ella is the muse and a large part of Pamella's vision for the collection. "She's a modern bohemian. She travels the world and falls in love easily. She listens to feel-good music and drives with the windows down. She shops at flea markets and thinks a beach vacation is the best kind of vacation. She smiles easily and laughs a lot-often at herself." And she is, of course, the girl who knows how to dress up a tee and dress down a dress.