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Awe Inspired Double Pearl Ring

Designer: Awe Inspired

Sterling Silver
Gold Vermeil
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Awe Inspired

Symbolically, pearls hold a variety of meanings. They have been associated with wisdom, wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Our Double Pearl Ring with its two freshwater pearls has a delicate elegance that makes it ideal for special occasions like weddings, bridal showers, graduation events, and the like. Wearing it will also bestow the pearls' symbolic qualities onto the moment.

14k Yellow Gold Vermeil: Our 14k gold vermeil is the creme de la creme. This French technique is superior to common gold electroplating, though the two are often compared. However, in our process, we take it a step further by offering a thicker 3 micron plating instead of 2, which means your vermeil pieces are significantly more durable and long-lasting. Very few other jewelers do this.

Storytime in the Bath:
Our oxygen bathing technique ensures your Awe pieces are luxe and enduring. Oxygen bathing is done to remove all moisture and liquid from the sterling silver before the 14k gold layer is added. It allows the gold to adhere more tenaciously to the silver and prevents tarnishing between layers (which would ultimately show up on the surface). We don't skip steps or take shortcuts - because you deserve the very best.

  • Sizing: Recommended to size up if you are a half-size
  • 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil
  • Two 3.5mm Freshwater Pearl
Sterling Silver: 925 sterling silver free of allergenic metals like nickel and coated in rhodium for superior luster and durability. Our 925 sterling silver is always free of allergenic metals like nickel. To ensure superior luster and durability, it's coated in rhodium - a metallic element resistant to corrosion.
  • Sizing: Recommended to size up if you are a half-size
  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • Two 3.5mm Freshwater Pearl

Care: We hope you love your Awe jewelry for generations. We recommend using your Awe anti-tarnishing polishing cloth to clean your piece regularly and keep them shining like new.

Please avoid the following which can cause damage to the piece:

  • Do not use any sort of liquid “jewelry cleaner”
  • Do not expose pieces to soap or any other cleaning agents
  • Do not expose your jewelry to salt water or chlorine
  • Do not use a polishing cloth containing any rouge