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Binky and Lulu Secret Garden Mini Hoops

Designer: Binky and Lulu

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Binky and Lulu

The Secret Garden Hoops in Mini. These earrings are a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship, featuring a fresh garden green dye that transports you to a hidden oasis. Adorned with delicate pink flowers, meticulously painted with intricate detail, they evoke the beauty of a blooming garden in spring. Handcrafted to perfection, these hoops are designed to elevate your style with a touch of nature-inspired elegance, making a statement that's both whimsical and sophisticated. Embrace the allure of the Secret Garden and carry its beauty with you wherever you go. With its Mini, Small, and Large size options, you can choose the perfect fit to complement your personal style.

Featured in our timeless Classic design. These hoops embody our signature weightless construction with a uniquely pointed shape that sets them apart. Crafted from wood that you can effortlessly wear, it's the essence of woodwear – a versatile accessory suited for every occasion.

  • Mango Wood
  • 14k Gold-Filled Posts
  • Designed by Binky and Lulu
  • Made by Filipino Artisans