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Winston the Corgi with Whitney + Winston Collar

Designer: Douglas

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Douglas Toys 

Our beloved Winston the Corgi shop dog is now yours to take home in his darling Whitney + Winston collar! Handsome and cuddly, Winston is the perfect companion for littles everywhere. 

Winston comes with a gold stamped adoption certificate.

Featuring a soft plush coat of white and golden fur and engaging brown eyes, this little dog is designed to be both realistic and lovable. Large ears and stout legs typical of the breed make this cutie an accurate representation of a real Corgi dog and a black sculpted nose completes his look. Whether you give him as a gift or keep him for yourself, this cutie will bring delight to Corgi lovers of all ages.

High quality craftsmanship and materials ensure this plush dog will be a durable and lasting friend. Bring him home today and let our dapper Corgi plush accompany you on all your royal engagements!

  • Age: 24 months and up
  • Size: 10 in long, 25 cm
  • Based on Douglas Toys Louie the Corgi, and customized for Winston fans of all ages.
  • Exclusive to Whitney + Winston